REJURAN Skin Healer for Full Face, Improved Eye Wrinkle and Sunken, Healing Scars!
REJURAN® is a skin rejuvenation based on pure polynucleotide DNA fragments. Which is derived from natural salmon in the sea.
REJURAN® will give your skin a natural youth and good quality by bringing pure polynucleotide that blends well with the human body directly into human skin.
REJURAN stimulates the skin’s self-renewing ability and improves the appearance of various skin problems such as wrinkles, scars, large pores, redness and pigmentation, etc. Restores damaged skin from the decay of aging. Improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles, radiance skin to be softer. Natural Skin Beauty Effective delivers natural skin beauty as a result of increasing skin elasticity and moisturizing from the depths of the skin.
REJURAN is the safest cosmetic medical instrument. It works by stimulating the skin’s regenerative process, a DNA fragment extracted from wild salmon. by manufacturer’s technology has been proven to most compatible with human skin without causing any negative effects. Stimulate the skin’s ability to repair and regenerate.

Who is suitable for Rejuran treatment?
– Those who want to have natural and healthy skin
– Those who want to tighten the skin
– Those who are looking to improve their overall skin condition
– Those who have problems with wrinkles on the face
– Those who have sensitive skin
– Those who no longer need Filler or Toxin
– Those who want to achieve rejuvenation and rejuvenation without surgery

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