iTHREAD lifting, the most current Korean Thread Lifting trend for younger looking face!
It is natural for our skin to sag and age as we get older. However, it is also possible to prevent these problems with the advancement of medical and skin cosmetic technology. Despite the age, the most important thing on our face is skin. As the skin became an important factor, many of people are into skin care procedures. But because of aging, it is difficult to reverse the saggy and droopy skin.
The most effective way to solve all these problems is getting the professional treatment from beauty clinic. Therefore, iTHREAD lifting is being well known for anti-wrinkles, skin regeneration and elasticity.
Different from widely known thread lifting, iTHREAD lifting is very effective for deep wrinkles, skin elasticity, and improves skin’s regeneration.

iTHREAD has received approval from KFDS and TFDA for thread lifting both in Korea and Thailand. iTHREAD lifting brings back the skin elasticity by using the medical thread which is a molding thread that dissolved into the skin, which fills the saggy cheeks and deep wrinkles.

Woori Clinic’s dermatologist has mentioned, “Effectiveness of the procedure and the material is important, but must be backed by skilled medical technology. Woori Clinic can accurately diagnose the symptoms of individuals with long experience and skills to provide a high level of satisfaction. iTHREAD lifting is attracting many people with its excellent result, simple procedure, and fast recovery.”

Woori Clinic, we only use quality iTHREAD from a legally imported registered company in Thailand that is approved by TFDA to deliver satisfactory treatment results, while paying attention to “Quality and Safety” 

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